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Welcome to my site!

     I know what you’re thinking – another “pro-ana” site. If that’s your opinion, I can’t change it, so I’ll just have to deal. But here is my scoop on things.

     I am anorexic. I am not proud of it, nor am I here to drag anyone with me. It is not a lifestyle, but a disease. If you do not have and ED, get out now. This is for your own safety – and for the safety of the members here. If you are recovering – proceed at your own risk. While some of these pages may be helpful to you – others can be triggers. I will not be held responsible for any personal decisions that you people out there make.

     Now – the reason I do have this site is this: I believe in support systems; in encouragement (not in EDs, but in everyday life). I also *highly* support recovery, it is very hard, and I support those who have made that decision. Mainly – it’s just nice to know sometimes that you’re not alone in the battle. That’s there’s other people out there who know and understand what it’s like. And the last reason is sorta selfish - this (and my other sites) gives me something to do when I just need to get away from it all, to focus my mind on something other than my life for a while.

The Message Board


What's New?

11/19/05 - Just created site, still needs lots of work.
2/5/06 - Working on updating!
8/1/06 - Added an MK video, finally getting the message board up and running!
2/22/07 - added a bunch of updates! Come check them out!!