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Writing or Artwork

     On this page, I'll show off some of my (or others) work. It might be artwork, or poetry, or essays, etc. - anything. So feel free to submit something if you might want it up!

This is a poem I wrote:

I Wanna Be


I wanna be pretty

I wanna be the one that everyone looks up to

I wanna dance without being scared

I wanna love without being frightened

I want people to see the real me

I wanna be the real me without worrying what others will think

I wanna be the girl everybody loves, even if deep down they wanna hate me

I wanna be the girl people know they can always talk to

I wanna face my fears

I wanna deal with all my sorrow

I wanna get rid of my “perfect” stigma

I wanna be thin

I want, for just one day, to leave all my problems behind

I wanna know that there will always be someone to catch me when I fall

I wanna be free to speak my mind

I wanna not be afraid to show the real me

I wanna have confidence to share my story, where I’ve been, what I went through

I wanna not be afraid to feel pain, to show pain

I wanna know that at least one person will smile when I walk in the room

I wanna show each person the love I have for them

I wanna be good at one sport, just one

I wanna make people laugh (for a good reason)

I wanna touch people’s hearts

I wanna be innocent again

I wanna be an actress, a singer, or and FBI agent; or all three

I wanna dream like a little kid

I wanna live my life to the fullest


I – just wanna be me