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Movie and Book Reviews

On this page I'll write reviews of the movies I see and books I read. I might use a format similar to this for my reviews.

Books (non-fiction)

Anatomy of Anorexia
     Never fully finished. Very factual, some I found useful, others I already knew.
-Posted 1/9/06

Adios, Barbie
     Currently Reading. (The book is a compilation of many essays on body image)
-Posted 11/6/06

Books (fiction)

The Best Little Girl In The World

     I found this book to be very enjoyable, a nice story rather than just a book of facts. A bit out-dated, but fun nonetheless. The story was published (I believe) when anorexia first started coming to everyone’s attention as a real disease/issue. So like I said, a bit out-dated. Might not be a recommendation for someone going through recovery, as it could possibly trigger old habits; but otherwise a good read.

-Posted 1/9/06