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You Know You're Ana When....

I got all of these lovely quotes off of the CB message board.... They make me smile, and I hope they make you smile too!!

You Know You're Ana When....

  1. You automatically add up the calories in every food item you see whether you have to eat it or not, even if you are watching tv.
  2. This has become a game for you that you try to beat your best time in.
  3. You wonder if there are calories in toothpase.
  4. You avoid bakeries for fear that the mere smell of baked goods will add calories.
  5. You know you are ana when you get excited over a cup of broccoli.
  6. Your best friend/boyfriend/sister/brother, etc. is eating and you're sitting there watching them going, "Is that good? Is the cheese all melty and stuff? Did you put sour cream on it?" etc. while never touching the stuff yourself.
  7. You love Math and adding and planning your calorie day makes you feel like you are doing a puzzle. You don't just pile it together but try to make sectioned logical meals.
  8. Chewing gum is a game to you. You see how long you can chew it without spitting it out, like plan ahead. "I know I have class tonight so I promise to chew gum the entire 2 hours."
  9. You know you are ana when you will pour out a whole bag of M&Ms to calculate the calories per M&M. (It's 4 by the way)
  10. You know you are ana when you have been told that you bake great, yet you have never tasted it.
  11. You could make a candy bar last a week if you stuck to your calorie intake.
  12. You take the time to break down into decimals the calorie total of one potato chip, or one M&M (like above).
  13. You delete the food channel from your tv, or order special ones, depending on what works.
  14. You have forgotten that any sodas exist that are not diet.
  15. You drink so much water that you go to the bathroom every fifteen minutes.
  16. The idea of drinking a non-diet soda is just plain ludicrous and hideous to you.
  17. You've become an expert at adding and subtracting just by all the mental calorie counting.
  18. When coffee becomes a meal in itself.
  19. When your acting to avoid food and suspicion deserves an academy actress, longest running movie...
  20. You interrogate the people at the snowball stand to find out how many calories are in a sugar free snowball.
  21. Upon finally deciding to buy said snowball, you eat it and spend the whole night wondering if they made a mistake and gave you a regular one that was full of sugar. You insist on tasting a tiny taste of your moms to prove that hers, which is regular, is sweeter than yours and yours has to be sugar free. Then you can sleep.
  22. You know you are ana when your teeth hurt from the chewing and spitting.
  23. When the victorias secrets catalog is yours and not your husbands.
  24. You don’t own a single food item without “low-fat” or “non-fat” in the title.
  25. You can never find a watch that stays on right.
  26. You can’t remember the last time you had a non-diet soda.
  27. You can remember how many calories you had 5 days ago, but have no idea where you put your car keys.
  28. You enjoy doing chores because they burn calories.
  29. You’re jealous of people in holocaust photos.
  30. You check your vitamin labels for calories.
  31. You find out toothpaste has 15 calories and you don’t brush your teeth for 4 days.
  32. You have a dream about eating and have to get up to weigh yourself and work out.
  33. You turn down food by saying, “No thanks, I ate yesterday.” and wonder why people look at you strangely.
  34. You measure whether you're too heavy or not by if the stairs creak as you go up them (even though the house is over 100 years old), and determine you're a lardass everytime.
  35. You know the nutrition info on everything, but check the label anyway, just to make sure it hasn’t changed.
  36. You convince everyone around you that you're either vegan, vegetarian, lactose-intolerant, or diabetic. Bonus points if you convince them you are all of the above.
  37. You watch cooking shows the way other people watch horror movies.
  38. You worry that even the scent of food has calories.
  39. You don’t think any of the above things are strange.
  40. You walk around in winter in shorts and tank tops inside without the heaters on eating ice and claim you're not cold.
  41. You can wear your old bracelets as anklets.
  42. The thought of eating a full plate of food gives you nightmares.
  43. Chocolate and Satan are starting to level out.
  44. You would be perfectly okay sending your food to the little starving children in Africa that your parents have always given you grief over.
  45. You deliberatley paint your fingernails minutes before dinner to avoid eating anything that is bigger than the fork can handle. (IE fried chicken. I can't get away with this but I wish I could.)
  46. Doughnuts attack you in your dreams.
  47. When you try skipping to burn calories and your shorts fall down...
  48. When you suddenly take out your calculator whilst out shopping because you felt the need to do a BMI calculation.
  49. Given the name of any girl in your year at school or any teacher, you can instantly say whether they are thinner or fatter than you... and they're all thinner.
  50. When you wake up at 3am and decide to weigh yourself, then can't get back to sleep because you have to lose another pound to make your goal for tomorrow.
  51. When your best friend says 'I'm sooooo hungry!' and you feel like saying... 'You call that hungry? I haven't eaten for 40 hours!!! GRRRR...' (but you don't).
  52. When your best friend is a size 14 and you're a size 8, but you're still fatter than she is.
  53. When you use the word "thinspo" in a conversation with your school friends and they look at you blankly.
  54. When your copy of 'Wasted' has underlinings and notes on every page.
  55. When you read 'Wasted' and calculate Marya Hornbacher's BMI every time she mentions her weight.
  56. When you think, I wish I didn't live with my parents so I could get on with starving myself in peace.
  57. When you think longingly of 900 calories a day.
  58. When you have to stop yourself from ranting at the sight of celebrity magazines calling perfectly healthy-sized women 'curvy', but you buy them anyway for reverse triggers.
  59. When the family dog is looking a little chubby now. You then finally realize this is because you've been feeding your dog too many table scraps to hide "barley eating" from your parents at dinner time.
  60. When you relish in the fact that your stomach is empty and is growling at you when everybody else complains.
  61. You can recite calories in all the foods you eat.
  62. You chew your food 20 times or more.
  63. You debate if there's calories in your anti-depressants or not.
  64. You wonder if there's calories in dog food.
  65. You hold your breath when walking in a forbidden aisle at the store.
  66. You live off of gum.
  67. Your addicted to your scale/measuring tape.
  68. You cut an apple into 8ths and eat one piece through out the day.
  69. Your obsessed with labels.
  70. Your wrapped up in a blanket when its 85+ outside.
  71. You have nightmares relating to your eating disorder.
  72. Can guess what someone weighs.
  73. Cringe when you see fat (more so then you) people.
  74. You can fake the doctor out when it comes to the scale.
  75. You don't agree with others that your sick/have a problem, etc.
  76. You assume that everyone around you is lying/tricking you.
  77. You believe all mirrors are just like fun house mirrors.
  78. You can't remember things for shit.
  79. Takes you a long ass time to think of something to say/respond.
  80. Can wear little girl's underwear (size 16 and below!)
  81. When you can spot another Ana miles away.
  82. When you're cabinet is stalked with Green Tea.
  83. When you have Diet Coke ice cubes in the freezer.
  84. When you sit at the doctor's and tell yourself to imagine healthy blood pressure and weights.
  85. When you carry food to your room to put on a show and then flush it down the toilet or give it to the dog.
  86. When a child walks by and asks his mummy why that lady didn't know Halloween isn't a few months away (skeleton costume type thing...)
  87. You sleep without blankets, with the fans on, and with the windows open even when it's 50 degrees outside just to burn a few extra calories.
  88. You feel like screaming when you gain half a pound from drinking a glass of water.
  89. You wonder how many calories you're ingesting from biting your nails.
  90. You chew gum just to burn the calories.
  91. You always take cold showers just to burn the calories.
  92. You look at the fridge like most people would look at a chainsaw killer.
  93. You can fit into underwear you acquired in the fourth grade (and they're big on you).
  94. You shudder when you hear the word 'cookie'.
  95. You know your ana when you get excited cuz you got the runs... :P
  96. You think that a single peanut can be considered a snack.
  97. When people say "I'm starving, I haven't eaten all day!" You laugh at them and think "Psh. I haven't eaten all week!"
  98. You find out from another post on this thread that toothpaste has calories and freak out as I am doing right now!
  99. You would rather go out the back door, around the outside of the house and through the front door that pass the fridge/pantry.
  100. You have done the above mentioned action.

You Know You're Ana When.... 101-200