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ED Alphabet

Saw this on a myspace account - Never seen it before so I thought you'd like to see it.


A is for ... anorexia of course.

Which means B's bulimia.

You hope that C doesn't get the best of you, those cravings sure kick my ass!

And D's that dizziness you feel, from your 5th day of a fast.

E is for eating, the most dreaded action.

F, here's a fast again! Source of utmost satisfaction.

G is for gag,

H is for hunger,

I is for ice, which my hands start to feel like, in the mid of the night.
J is for junk, as in junk food, the enemy.
K is for ketosis, another favorite of many.
Light, love that L! Others tell us we are, but our eyes see different. Who should we believe? People didn't get us this far.
M, masticar, which is Spanish for chew. Better get you some celery! But I'm sure crackers will do.
N is for night, for which we spend awake.
O: overeating. Please say no to the cake.
Purge in the porcelain goddess, that's P.
Q: quarrel with your folks for not eating, that's me!
Rely on air to sustain you, R. I won't fret and I won't complain.
It's bizarre how S, a sugary sweet, could ruin your week, if you just dare to eat.
And T, pick one: thinspiration, therapy, torture
U, upchuck, that reflex's a goner!
V for visit, yet another inpatient program. Trying to make me fat, f*ck all you bastards!
This next line is brought to you, by the letter W, for wide. Wideload, me, so true.
X, we don't need x-rays, dammit we look like one!
Y is for yes, I will be the thinnest one!
Z is for zero, my ultimate goal weight, and the only one at which I'll be happy.
But of course to reach my goal, I'll have to pay the ultimate debt. Give back what's not mine, and regress in the alphabet, to another D word: death