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About Me

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

     So…. my story. I’ve always been a little bit “chubby”. But at age thirteen, 180 pounds, and only five foot seven – I decided to do something about it. My mom, dad, and I all went on the Atkins’ diet. I was very diligent and within a year was down to 135-140 pounds. Everyone was very proud of me and my weight loss, and how healthy/good I looked. And I was proud too. I ended up maintaining at 140-145 for about a year. I played with “anorexia” a little – highly restricting my food intake; but those periods only lasted for one, two at the most, weeks. I also tried purging after eating a lot a few times – but nothing ever came about.

     My anorexia officially started in October 2005. It started as another one of my “experiments” and it just kinda stuck. I started out just restricting a lot – and then went to basically not eating breakfast or lunch. Dinner is a family meal – so I hardly get away with not having it. And weekends I’m often required to eat being around people.

     I got lots of support from “pro-ana” sites. Some may try to blame my anorexia on those sites – but that’s really not so. I was gunna be anorexic - sites, or no sites. But those websites – they kept me from trying a lot of really harmful stuff that I totally would have tried had I not been warned by much information only found on the “pro-ana” sites. Binging/purging for example – there’s so much extra crap that comes along with that, and it’s very addictive. I totally was gunna try to force that to work – but with more info, I chose not too. I also got helpful tips on how to stay hydrated, get the vitamins I needed, and basically keep from killing myself.

     I’m not sure exactly what started my ana. Maybe as a recovered cutter I needed something to continue “control” on my life. Maybe, seeing as it started in October, is was the anniversary of my sister’s attempted suicide. It could be any of millions of reasons – but the only thing I know for certain is that I am anorexic (NOS); and I am not yet ready to seek any form of recovery.


Daily Intake

In this area, I'll most likely list my daily intake... but not definite yet.

Breakfast: nothing


Lunch: jamba juice


Dinner: hamburger



Favorite Quotes

There is no TRY. There is only DO.
"You won't get there by making excuses.
You won't get there by feeling guilty about a binge.
You won't get there by letting people pressure you into eatting.
You won't get there by eatting the foods you know are bad.
You won't get there without exercising.
You won't get there without feeling hungry almost all the time.
You won't get there without having to hear that you should eat.
You won't get there while just thinking about it.
You won't get there just by imagining it.
You'll get there by doing it."